Top Ways to Use Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Social media was once seen as a youth ideology that would not be beneficial to businesses in any way. This has been proved wrong over the years. The INTERNET has over 3 billion users out of which 2 billion are active on social media. Businesses are greatly benefiting from popular social media sites by getting important information on customers and facilitated free communication. For an edge on online businesses, social media marketing has to play a vital part.

Let’s start by defining the terms

Social media: Computer generated technology that enables the creation and sharing of information, interests, and ideas through a network of virtual communities.

Marketing: Passing of information from a business person to the customers or potential customers with the aim of influencing the purchase of their goods or services.

The Foundation

The evolution of social media in the past decade has triggered the integration of social networks in strategic marketing plans. In order for a business to gain from this trend, a solid web presence is important.

You will need essential components in order to get the attention from your target market in the right social media platform.

Key components include familiarity with your target customers, enticing landing pages, proper email management, social media profiles, and a blog or website.

After assembling your components, obtain the tactics and marketing strategies that you will require for your business. You can start by isolating the social sites that you will place much focus on and make them 2 or 3 as the main ones.

Anything more than these numbers, you will strain to maintain relevance in presence and fast response.

Choose your social networks

The questions below will assist in determining the right direction to focus.

  1. Which sites do my customers spend most of their time in? (A survey will be of great help to get this)
  2. Is visual marketing utilizable in my business and what are the images I can make use of?
  3. What are the needs of my niche market? What fresh ideas do they require?
  4. How do we offer our content? (Generate a list that will suit your audience)
  5. What fraction of our time are we willing to commit to the creation of good content? (For best results, ensure you create enough time for consistency)

Once you have answers to these questions, turn your attention to the platform that best fits your profile.

Let us discuss some social media guidelines that will be mandatory for your marketing on any platform.

Planning – From our discussions earlier, generating a marketing plan for your social media marketing is indispensable. Have the right content that will be attractive to your audience and do a research for the appropriate keywords that you will need.

Content is King – Smart content is vital to building social media marketing and also works well in other online marketing tools. The information you offer your audience should be valuable and enticing for them to come back and offer referrals. Create assorted forms of content from videos, social media images, and interesting text.

Consistent Brand Image – When a business makes use of social media marketing, its brand is portrayed in a number of varied media sites. Each of these sites has a distinct environment suitable for its clients but this will not change the identity of your business.

Blog – Blog posts have emerged as very efficient ways of sharing information with a large number of audiences in social media marketing. If your business has a blogging site, it can also be utilized for social marketing purposes to pass relevant company related information.

Links – The idea for social media marketing is to share unique content from the business and gain a following. While this is great, it is important to link with other external content. Outside sources might have information that’s beneficial to your audience. Providing links to external sources creates trust and confidence and might benefit you too by providing links on your site as well.

Track competition – In the business world, the rivalry is always there to keep you on toes. Competitors can also provide relevant data that can be used in your keyword research, provide other useful links, and other insights in social media marketing. Spy on the technique the competitors are suing and make use of it if it seems appropriate or better still improve on it.

Measure success with Analytics – In order to gauge the success of your social media strategies, be in possession of the relevant data. A good example is the Google analytics that can be used to measure the success or failure of your social media marketing strategies. With this information, it is easy to determine which techniques are working for you and which to do away with. Your social media campaigns can be tagged for effective tracking.

When creating a new page on your site, bring out your best for the world to see. This can be related to taking a selfie with the brilliance and attention you want to create. Ensure that your media posts are placed strategically for convenience. On Reddit, a link was able to attract over 20,000 visitors on a weekend. Links on StumbleUpon are known to increase the number of visitors to a site in a good proportion. Anyone with a business mind online would wish for this.

Social media can be used to create real relationship among social media communities. This has worked well with platforms like Instagram and Twitter where the customer’s feelings are read on tweets and status updates and give a prompt reply where needed. You are also able to know the customers’ product preferences and their more personal aspects of life like their weekend activities and favorite websites.

These media platforms can also be used to get the views of like-minded businesses that offer goods and services complementary to your products. You get positive views of pacemakers as well as affluent personalities and incorporate the ideas into your site.

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